Pest Control Services| What Are Their Benefits

Pests create a major problem in everyone’s life. They destroy valuable items and especially agricultural crops, and also other household items. Although they are far too small in size yet the damage they cause is quite big. They affect our lives and damage can even be bigger if the pest infestation is left unchecked for a long time. They destroy crops, and mainly attack the food items and the wooden household items.

Some of the pests also affect the building’s infrastructure. But most importantly they affect the health of humans. Thus, causing great damage to life and property. Thus, it is indeed very important to get rid of them within the stipulated time so as to avoid any future bigger damage. In order to get rid of pests, one should take the help of Pest control services which indeed are the best pest solutions. So come on let us give a look at countless benefits that the pest control services provide to day-to-day life:

Pest control services
Pest control services
  1. Reduces risks of health hazards: – Insects can make you sick and cause various diseases through biting or faeces. They carry and transmit many diseases including dengue, malaria, and asthma. However, improper, improper use of chemicals to eradicate such pests can have serious consequences. Therefore, the best option is to take the help of a pest control person from the pest control service. He may be able to cope with the situation without the use of chemicals or in extreme cases.
  2. Less use of toxic materials: Pest control services use various insecticides, pesticides, and many other chemicals which can be harmful to our health if not used in the right amount. Especially in the homes where you use the residential pest control services in Berwick. They should be hired after a proper verification to ensure proper and safe cleaning of our home.
  3. Ensures proper cleaning: – They look through the situation and the pests invading the area after examining the situation, they take the action to ensure the removal of pests from that area by taking the particular measures.
  4. Gives cleaning and financial help: – Expert pest controllers will not only provide a single disinfection service, offering separate packages at different times. So, these pest control services will remove pests and ensure you enjoy extended pest control. Expert pest control can reduce your main costs as your DIY methods may not work and can cost you without providing you with best & cheap solutions. You can also read some insights on how can silverfish damage your home.


One cannot always solve one’s problems by buying harmful sprays and various other drugs. Therefore, We always recommend getting expert help. They are the ones who ensure the best cleaning in a healthy way. Pest control services. They remove the problem and also suggest measures to prevent such insect invasions again in the future. Therefore, one should always seek expert help as soon as one is aware of any such condition. So, hire the best pest control if you want to get rid of harmful pests. Contact the service on 0344222299.

How Can Silverfish Damage Your Home?

Silverfishes are small, poppy, and wingless insects. People think they don’t bite, so they are not harmful. But, this is not the case. If any pest does not bite that does not mean that it is not harmful, your need to get a professional pest inspection. Silverfish has its own disadvantages of being around you. It causes damage to your personal belongings, especially things made up of paper. They seem to appear more in those places where the humidity level is higher.

Here are some ways in which silverfish can destroy your properties:

  1. Silverfish can ruin your homes: They do not chew your wood items, but they feed upon the starch of your wallpapers. They are not like other wood borers but not that ignorable also. It is very important to hack their presence, spots of infestation, and their spread in your house.
  1. Silverfish can damage your belongings: These pesky bugs can destroy your documents, files, toothpaste, silk fabrics, and whatnot. They also nibble on your baseball cards, tapestries, and also synthetic fibers. Similarly, they don’t spare your magazines and books.
  1. Silverfish can contaminate your food too: You have so many food items in your kitchen and pantry. They have the capability of chewing paper bags that may help to reach your food items. Generally, they don’t spare rolled oats, starch, flour, and sugary items. To avoid their feast on your dinner table, you should keep them in sealed plastic containers.
  1. Silverfish can cause water loss: These wingless insects have the potential to cause water damage causing water holes. They can cause holes in water lines and ducts. This may lead to excessive flow of water in the house. The water loss in any house is the worst thing to happen. So, if you don’t want to face water scarcity, then do not let them spread in your house.

How to prevent the spread of silverfish at home?

Silverfish can easily invade your house in any season. They are harmless but very destructive. Their nocturnal behavior makes them more difficult to trace. 

  • Keep your cereals, grains, pasta, and other food items in an airtight container.
  • You should get your basements lined up with proper plastic sheetings.
  • Vacuum your upholstery, carpets, and rugs on a regular basis.
  • If there are any areas that contain more moisture or humidity then get those spaces ventilated.
  • Keep the gutters clean and drains away from your home.
  • Properly seal the cracks and holes, check the seams on the walls and the baseboards.

Get rid of silverfish with experts in Berwick

Silverfish are amongst the oldest creatures in the world. They are creepy and crawly. You should not take a minor problem to the level of infestation by ignoring these bugs. We at Pest Control Berwick have all the required tools and solutions to endow you with the best possible results. Our professionals are trained and certified as well. We provide the first-class service at a very low price. Just give us a call on 0344222299 and we will be at your doorstep very soon.

Pantry-proofing Tips To Prevent A Stored Product Pest Infestation

Just like every other living being on the planet, even pests need food, water and shelter. In search of their basic needs, pests enter our houses and search for a source of food and water. When pests enter any house, they come in numbers and cause chaos and trouble. With pests comes harmful germs and viruses that can make anyone sick. Thus, a home that is invaded by pests is not a healthy place to live.

Pests get attracted to our houses because of their excellent sense of smell. They can smell food from miles away. Thus, they move into our homes following the smell of food. To avoid pest infestation, one should keep the house clean and neat.

You will find pests mostly in the kitchen where there are possibilities of finding food items and other sources of food and water. Therefore, to refrain pests from contaminating and eating food products. You should keep stored pantry products safely and away from the reach of pests.

So, to keep your kitchen and home safe from pests. Pantry products are attacked by pests if they are not stored correctly. In this blog, we have listed down some of the ways to prevent pest infestation in your pantry.

Pantry-proofing Tips To Prevent A Stored Product Pest Infestation Are:

Use tight and sealed containers.

We all know, pests such as ants, flies, rodents, etc. get attracted to food items. Therefore, to protect food from pests, it is necessary to store food in a tight container. Even a small gap on the container’s lid can allow ants to enter inside. After consuming food, you should keep it in a sealed plastic container.

Thus, to avoid pests from spoiling your pantry stored products used sealed containers for storage.

Keep your pantry clean.

By keeping the pantry clean, you can prevent pest infestation. Food spills and crumbs should be cleaned immediately because pests smell and come to eat the fallen food. If the crumbs and spills are not cleaned on time, then they become a treat for cockroaches, ants, etc.

To clean the spills, you should use a scrub and disinfectant.

Use bay leaves for dry grains.

To keep flour, rice and other dry grains away from pests, you should use bay leaves. Put some bay leaves inside dry grains containers. The odour of bay leaves repels pests and thus, protects the grains.

If the dry grains have become a bit moist and caught pests, then you should put the grains under sunlight. Pests do not like hot and dry conditions. Therefore, don’t let dry grains catch moisture.

Remove expired products

To keep your pantry pest-free, you should not keep expired products. Rotten food items and expired packed food products should be dumped immediately. Outdated food products are not good for our human health and favourable for pest infestation.

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