Pantry-proofing Tips To Prevent A Stored Product Pest Infestation

Just like every other living being on the planet, even pests need food, water and shelter. In search of their basic needs, pests enter our houses and search for a source of food and water. When pests enter any house, they come in numbers and cause chaos and trouble. With pests comes harmful germs and viruses that can make anyone sick. Thus, a home that is invaded by pests is not a healthy place to live.

Pests get attracted to our houses because of their excellent sense of smell. They can smell food from miles away. Thus, they move into our homes following the smell of food. To avoid pest infestation, one should keep the house clean and neat.

You will find pests mostly in the kitchen where there are possibilities of finding food items and other sources of food and water. Therefore, to refrain pests from contaminating and eating food products. You should keep stored pantry products safely and away from the reach of pests.

So, to keep your kitchen and home safe from pests. Pantry products are attacked by pests if they are not stored correctly. In this blog, we have listed down some of the ways to prevent pest infestation in your pantry.

Pantry-proofing Tips To Prevent A Stored Product Pest Infestation Are:

Use tight and sealed containers.

We all know, pests such as ants, flies, rodents, etc. get attracted to food items. Therefore, to protect food from pests, it is necessary to store food in a tight container. Even a small gap on the container’s lid can allow ants to enter inside. After consuming food, you should keep it in a sealed plastic container.

Thus, to avoid pests from spoiling your pantry stored products used sealed containers for storage.

Keep your pantry clean.

By keeping the pantry clean, you can prevent pest infestation. Food spills and crumbs should be cleaned immediately because pests smell and come to eat the fallen food. If the crumbs and spills are not cleaned on time, then they become a treat for cockroaches, ants, etc.

To clean the spills, you should use a scrub and disinfectant.

Use bay leaves for dry grains.

To keep flour, rice and other dry grains away from pests, you should use bay leaves. Put some bay leaves inside dry grains containers. The odour of bay leaves repels pests and thus, protects the grains.

If the dry grains have become a bit moist and caught pests, then you should put the grains under sunlight. Pests do not like hot and dry conditions. Therefore, don’t let dry grains catch moisture.

Remove expired products

To keep your pantry pest-free, you should not keep expired products. Rotten food items and expired packed food products should be dumped immediately. Outdated food products are not good for our human health and favourable for pest infestation.

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